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So here is one of my dilemmas (among many)... I try to live a normal life and be a good person, but I find that there are many things that disrupt my life. I've been diagnosed with depression and have always had emotional problems - Generally, life hasn't been easy for me.
As hard as I try, I cannot be tolerant of certain things, and when these certain things occur, I get sooooo angry... one of the ways I don't deal well with frustration is on the road. I become very hostile, very quickly and it seems I see something bad in every other driver. By the time I have arrived at my destination, my nerves are frayed. This is an embarassing and often dangerous situation that I put myself in. I often feel so enragred that whenever I get where I am going I have an outburst about how lousy other drivers are! This happens about 90 percent of the time I have to drive. Earlier today I became livid when a slow driver in front of me cause me to miss a light - and I leaned on my horn. I mean, I had to be somewhere, and the guy was going 20 mph!! I think it is getting to the point where it is abnormal. Can anyone relate / offer advice? Thanks.

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Go have a look at the resources here, especially the David Burns book and the resources on cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). Road rage is a perfect example of cognitive distortions in action.

You also indicate that you have been diagnosed with depression. Are you currently taking medication for this? If so, what exactly? Do you have any other medical conditions (thyroid, diabetes, hypoglycemia, etc.)?
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