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Making Open Access Affordable and Sustainable

The Open Access Movement

Scholars have one primary obligation to themselves and society. That is to develop new knowledge and share it openly with each other and society.

The Open Access movement has arisen partly in response to that desire and partly in response to the growing costs associated with traditional scholarly publishing efforts. Increasingly, new knowledge is being placed behind financial firewalls that impede access and benefit primarily the packagers rather than the producers of this valuable information.

Making Open Access Affordable and SustainableJournals list.

The following journals are now using the Scholarly Exchange-managed OJS platform:

BioResources Journal - North Carolina State University

Contemporary Management Research - Academy of Taiwan Information Systems Research

Asian American Policy Review - Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology and Neuroscience - formerly Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology - Neuroscience Publishing

Open Government Journal - Liverpool John Moores University

McGill Journal of Education - McGill University

Advances in Disease Surveillance - The International Society for Disease Surveillance

Globalization Management Review - The GLOBE Institute, Monterey Institute of International Studies

Revista Econtenidos / Journal of eContents - Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Science World Journal - Kaduna State University (Nigeria)

Electronic Journal of Sociology

Intersticios - Universidad de Murcia
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