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Welcome to Driving Rage Free. We offer the only programme in the Greater Toronto Area that addresses Road Rage, an increasing threat to public safety.

Answer the questions below to determine if you or someone you love is prone to Road Rage. Two or more “yes” responses suggest intervention would be beneficial.

  • I often comment (to myself or passengers) about the bad driving of others.
    I have tailgated or repeatedly flashed my lights to get a slow car to move over.
    I frequently look at the time while driving.
    I frequently change lanes to be in the one that seems to be moving fastest.
    I have closed a gap so someone cannot cut in front of me.
    I have been charged with dangerous or careless driving. [/list:u]
    Perhaps the greatest benefit to the “road rager” of addressing this harmful pattern of thinking and behaving is being able to enjoy driving again -- even in the GTA!
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