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Note: This is a website that I have used quite a bit during my early recovery and found quite helpful - all the material is short and too the point, which I find handy.

Addiction Recovery Tools 4

Identifying Symptoms and Triggers of an Addictive Personality

As drug and alcohol use increases, the user tries to keep life under control. That gets harder and harder to do. Finally the user does desperate things to try to continue to appear normal. These desperate behaviors are called addictive behaviors. They are the things people do related to their drug and alcohol use. Sometimes the behaviors ONLY occur when people are using or moving toward using.

Learning to recognize when one or more of these behaviors begin to happen will help you to know when to start fighting extra hard to move away from relapse.

Do You Have an Addictive Personality?

Which of these behaviors do you think are related to your drug or alcohol use?



Being irresponsible (e.g., not meeting family/work obligations)

Being unreliable (e.g., late for appointments, breaking promises)

Being careless about health and grooming (e.g., stopping exercise, poor diet, etc.)

Getting sloppy in house keeping

Behaving impulsively (without thinking)

Behaving compulsively (e.g., too much eating, working, sex)

Losing interest in things (e.g., recreational activities, family life)

Isolating (staying by yourself much of the time)

Using other drugs or alcohol

Missing or being late for 12-Step or other support groups

Stopping prescribed medication (antidepressants, anti-anxiety, Antabuse, etc.)

Learn what triggers your addictive behaviors and self-control techniques to keep those behaviors in check.
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