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I was origibally on Stelazine and I experience pre-mature ejaculation. I told my doctor about this and my doctor change me to Risperdal. Anyone who are on this drug? Can you tell me if this drug will do better for this kind of sexual dysfunction?

Daniel E.
I'm not familiar with the drug you were taking before, but ejaculation problems are a possibility with Risperdal. From what I have read, it seems delayed ejaculation may be more common than premature ejaculation as a Risperdal side effect. As you probably know, side effects are very difficult to predict in the individual case, which is why my doctor would tell me "wait and see." Worse come to worse, the dosage can be changed and there are other antipsychotic drugs one can try later on.

As others have mentioned before in this forum, many men have premature ejaculation even without taking medications. There are treatments, including SSRI medications:

Currently, the condition [premature ejaculation] is treated with other SSRI’s, including GlaxoSmithKline's Paxil and Pfizer's Zoloft, although these drugs are prescribed off-label by physicians for this use.

J&J still seeking approval of sexual dysfunction pill

However, taking SSRIs is sometimes counterproductive, such as if one has a recent history of manic episodes and is more likely to be manic than depressed.
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