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Sibling Rivalry
July 23, 2004

(HealthDayNews) -- While most cases of sibling conflict are normal, it can still be stressful for parents.

The Children's Hospital, Richmond Va., offers some tips on how to deal with the problem:
  • Ignore normal competition and bickering among your children.
  • Leave the area and think about something else and let your children work it out.
  • Establish limits and rules, such as no hitting and no throwing objects.
  • Read books and articles about sibling relationships.
  • Don't make comparisons in front of your children. For example, don't say things like, "Why aren't you as tidy as your brother?"
  • If you feel you have to intervene, first tell your children that you know they're angry. Then give each child the opportunity to tell their side.
  • Rephrase what each child said. Tell them that, even though it's a difficult problem, you believe they can resolve it. [/list:u]
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