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I feel totally run down. I am sick again. I was sick just a couple of weeks ago...flu. This always happens to me, once school starts especially, I always get sick constantly, it seems as soon as I'm over being sick which lasted 2 weeks I have maybe another 2-3 weeks of not being sick and then it starts again... well this hasn't always happened, but I'd say in the last yr or two? Is this my body catching up w/ me? I'm not asking for medical advice, I know I should go see a doctor about that. Then again, that wouldn't happen b/c I can't be honest w/ my doctor or a doctor so I don't think it would be of much help and just generally saying "I am tired, I feel run down" etc. w/out giving them more details...

But I am wondering on why this could be....??? B/c I'm stressed out? B/c I feel like I am pretty much under chronic stress? B/c I push my body to its limits- but I'm able to keep going so it's ok...right??? I'm always tired, I feel like I don't have the "time" to be sick, nevertheless take time to get better. I don't sleep enough. I deal w/ my ed... I don't know if I have enough vitamins or iron or calcium or whatever it is you'r supposed to have enough of. I generally didn't care about this and still don't. I know some peoply try to "manage" their disorder by making sure they still get enough vitamins etc. Well that would require caring about yourself in the first place. How can I continue w/ all of these destructive behaviours but then on the other side make sure I'm "okay" by stocking up on vitamins??? Is there any point?

Is there such a thing as a limit to how much more my body can take? How much longer? But I was never "that" bad... I think??? I don't want to feel tired, I don't want to be sick... I'm sick and tired of myself. Of the same routine over and over- for nothing it seems. But how do I end up being okay w/out dealing w/ the ed? Is this even possible??? To be healthy and have an ed??? Or are you just alwasys not healthy??? (I know you probably think this is quite obvious b/c an ed isn't healthy, but can you be sort of healthy, again, "manage" your life okay?)

I read somewhere that you can't have an eating disorder and a life at the same time. I guess this applies.....


Hi. University is a really stressful time. I remember feeling like I just had no time. No time to be sick, worried about anything else, etc. This usually happened towards the end of a semester when I had a million papers to hand in and had to study for exams. The fact that you're trying to deal with your ed isn't helping. I'm sure your ed isn't the only thing making you sick. It's probably a combination of everything - stress about school, stress about the ed, not having enough vitamines, change in weather, etc.
You can have an ed and not have the flu or a cold. But, you're right - you're always in some way sick. Whether it's mentally or not having enough nutrients.
Have you ever thought about slowing down in school? Even after this semester finishes? I know, I know, it probably seems not possible and out of the question, but it sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. There are people who break down simply because of school. You're dealing with an ed - an ed that you are AWARE of. Believe it or not, not being in denial might actually make it MORE difficult because you're trying to deal with it. When you're in denial, you're not focusing on what the ed is doing to you. But, of course that's worse in the end because you will break down eventually.
Have you ever thought about seriously starting therapy and reducing your classes, or at least try therapy once every week or 2 weeks without reducing your classes. I know you tried before, but you could try something different.
I know I'm not offering much help here. I do suggest that you make sure you get enough nutrients - especially if there's a risk that you'll continue to purge - NOT THAT TAKING EXTRA VITAMINES CONDONES THAT, but you know what I mean. Between meals while studying you can drink juice that has added vitamine C and calcium. Make yourself some skim milk cafe lattes. Ginseng tea is nice, and ginger tea soothes your throat (if you can find it). And try not going to bed immediately after studying or working. Even just take 20 minutes to watch TV or something no matter what time it is.
And - Hang in there. University is tough. Just don't ignore yourself. Meditate for 5 minutes a day.
Hope you're feeling better. Hope this helps a bit. Keep us posted.

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I do think a combination of stress and being around a lot of other people in a day does create a challenge to immune systems in susceptible people. I don't have an ED but I typically have the same pattern of colds and flu-like viruses in the fall. I'm about to get my 'flu shot (tomorrow) and I've found that definitely helps. It doesn't necessarily stop me from catching the viruses but it certainly means I get a milder dose.

In the past few years, there's only been one year I did NOT get a flu shot and I was sick with something from the end of September through to February, with I swear no more than a week or two between bouts.

So think about getting a flu shot - try to get at least some basic nutrients (multivitamins and minerals can't hurt in this situation), and try to get some rest.


I would hate to have to stuff myself full of vitamins and supplements of that kind..... but then again, I hate being sick, this often. I want to go get a flu shot, but I can't until I'm feeling better. sigh.

Diana- I can't really slow down in school... I feel it's already taking long enough. Some book was suggesting to take time off from school altogether, but I think that's VERY unrealistic, especially if those things keep you from completely falling apart, as much as they are stressful too. I guess you can't win, can you? Therapy.... so close and yet so far. I feel like I am as far away from going to therapy as I was b/f I went that time... it's almost like that didn't happen. Your suggestions are really good though, thanks hun.
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