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Is there such a thing? I mean clinically, is it recognized as a disorder?

I ask because I seem to have many of the symptoms posted in another thread, but they are all new to me.

My mood may be due to my recent divorce. Now I said in my intro that I am gay, but I do consider myself "divorced" just as I considered myself "married".

When I left, I expected that I would be down for a while, but not as low as I have been feeling. The things I loved to do really do not appeal. I eat way too much, I do not sleep. I suddenly find myself either angry for no reason, or sad to the point of crying. I admit that I have been drinking too much. (That one is kinda funny, because HIS drinking too much was a major factor in the break up.)

I can't seem to find a lot to be happy about these days.

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Sometimes, grief following a loss does turn into depression, although there are no precise markers for when that happens.

Sometimes, this is termed "reactive depression" or "exogenous depression", meaning depression that is triggered by external circumstances. This was intended to distinguish it from so-called "endogenous depression", which was depression that did not appear to have an external trigger.

The terms don't have the same value or importance today as they did 25 or 30 years ago.


I think it's very possible that the breakup is causing a lot of your feelings of unhappiness, wannabe. I also think the alcohol use is adding to the problem. While it might make you feel better to begin with, in the end alcohol is a depressant. It's going to make your situation worse.
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