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Hello , in class today my french teacher noticed my wrist that was slightly passing my long sleeves shirt that i normally wear to hide my tracks and i had fresh cuts my teacher took me out of the class and asked me what happened i made the lame excuse that i broke a glass in my hand but weather i admit or not she knew what it was and told me before allowing me to go back in class that she was there if i ever needed to talk to someone .. everyone in the class seemed to loofk at me differently i felt so ashamed and humiliated .. a teacher knows my secret .. who will she tell .. how many teachers will know after this . oh my god i don't know what is goingtohappen will she call my mom will she tell my proncipal.. i am almost 18 can she..
i am scared
It sounds like she is concerned about you and I think it was nice of her to offer to talk with you.

I'm not sure about whether they would need to notify your mom or talk to the principal. If the school knows about your eating disorders they might understand that sometimes these issues occur together.

Anyway, I can relate to the feelings of shame and humiliation. I feel that way about my scars and injuries too.

I'm wondering if this is something you have talked to your psychologist about.
Hi Ashley-kate,

Im not sure what to do about that one. Im sure if you wanted the help that you would find some one in your school that you could trust. Its nice to see that teachers actually care. I was all alone when I was in school.
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