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Google Local Search is especially backed up at the moment.

For more information and insights, see

You don't need to register there unless you want to. There's a wealth of information about Google bugs and updates and working around them thyat are open for unregistered visitors to read.

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Immersive training is becoming increasingly common. Using VR/AR headset technology in conjunction with Advanced Virtual Assistants can be an effective tool for onboarding and welcoming new employees to a company and can tailor training to focus on relevant skills development efficiently to quickly get people up to speed with a tailored approach.

Augmented Reality
Rather than blocking out the real world, augmented reality blends it with digital content. Digital assets can take many shapes and forms, so it can be flat and 2D, which is great for instructional information, or be more complex and ‘real’ in 3D. Content can be triggered by specific objects or geographical places. Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets allow the learner to access content, making it easily accessible. Widely recognised examples include Pokémon Go and Snapchat filters.

“If you talk to me a decade from now, I think most of the chatbots will be generative,” said Jacobson. “And that’s because the experience is more human-like.”

For now, most chatbots are “structured”—every response is predetermined and triggered by if-then situations. Many also include a point-and-click experience: The chatbot may ask you about your mood, provide some options, then offer advice based on how you respond.

The hope is that generative chatbots will enable more dynamic, human-like conversation by comparison...

“The question that I’m thinking about when I do my work is not whether or not this can replace clinicians—which I think will never be the case,” Jacobson says. “But is it better than nothing? Yes. This is a highly accessible way of enhancing the scale and impact of evidence-based treatments.”


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The macOS command line interface can be intimidating — but there’s lots of value inside. By using the command line, you can solve many tasks on Mac by running commands in Terminal. It helps streamline a lot of work, especially for software developers.

Package managers like Homebrew make the command line interface even more powerful. In this tutorial, we describe how to safely install and uninstall Homebrew on Mac. We also suggest a few tools similar to Homebrew you could benefit from.

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For devices using the same macOS, you can allow remote Mac login using a Secure Shell (SSH). This enables Mac remote desktop access using a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

To set up Remote Login:
  • Go to System Preferences > Sharing
  • Select Remote Login.
  • Choose which users you want to have remote access to or the ability to control your Mac.
You can either select All Users, which means any other device on your network, or any Mac you own, can access and connect, or click the plus sign to pick the exact users.

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A virtual local area network (VLAN) is a method of creating independent virtual networks within a physical network. Using a VLAN can help you with network administration by allowing you to separate segments of the LAN (like departments of a company) that shouldn’t exchange data using the LAN.


VLANs can be used to partition a local network into several distinctive segments, for instance:[4]

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Separating Both Data And Users

In some settings, there's good reason to separate both users and data altogether, such as in retail businesses that offer public Wi-Fi. You don't want your customers' iPad traffic intermingling with your payroll or HR systems, not just for security reasons but for performance reasons, too. Again, VLANs can be a tool for keeping public and private apart...

"By associating each WAP [Wireless Application Protocol] to a separate VLAN ID, the firewall can identify wireless [and other] devices on the guest network, and can therefore apply a unique set of filtering and bandwidth policies," Gudeli said. "Meanwhile, the VLAN switch will ensure that the guest network cannot interact with resources on the internal networks, such as a file server, intranet or network printer."

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Reading your documents and web content on Kindle is now easier than ever. Use Send to Kindle applications to read on your Kindle devices and free reading apps on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android phone and tablet.

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New, free tier for Oracle Cloud services, including 200+ GB of online storage:

Always Free cloud services​

Services you can use for an unlimited time.
  • Two Oracle Autonomous Databases with powerful tools like Oracle APEX and Oracle SQL Developer
  • Two AMD Compute VMs
  • Up to 4 instances of ARM Ampere A1 Compute with 3,000 OCPU hours and 18,000 GB hours per month
  • Block, Object, and Archive Storage; Load Balancer and data egress; Monitoring and Notifications

[Side note: AlmaLinux now available [free] on Oracle Cloud Marketplace - AlmaLinux OS Blog]

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But the most interesting thing to me from Oracle, MySQL HeatWave, is not free (except for a free trial):

MySQL HeatWave includes in-database machine learning ("HeatWave ML"). "Deploy MySQL HeatWave on OCI, AWS, or in your data center."

Related documentation:


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Administrator is awesome. Their free online software does most of the work for creating a Youtube video based on text or a webpage (like my petition). The free version does leave the last frame to credit Lumen5. The free version is fine with me since the cost to upgrade is $29+ if paid monthly.


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Joplin is a free open-source note-taking app that can replace the popular commercial Evernote app, as it is totally free, works on all popular platforms including mobile, and offers different options to sync and backup your data.

Joplin comes with a professional user-friendly interface that plays well with almost all operating systems, it supports Markdown as the primary syntax, comes with a split interface for editing as well as real-time previewer, and more.

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From what I have seen so far for Xenforo, I like the Elastic Search addons mostly for showing related forum threads.

Similarly, I saw this last night for Wordpress:

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