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Upcoming, free Wordpress course (from the same company that makes Wordpress):

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Is this your first time building a website? Are you returning to WordPress after a break? Are you looking for a basic understanding of how things work? You’re in the right place!

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By the end of this course, you’ll know which specific actions to take to Create Your Site, as well as your next steps after that. After all, launching your site is only the beginning of your journey.
Other courses:


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Google Discover is a personalized feed of content that appears under the search bar on users’ mobile devices. It provides an entirely new way of discovering content.

Discover shows users content related to their interests, based on their Web and App Activity.


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Quickly Search and Use Template Parts​

The site editor in WordPress 6.1 now makes it easier to discover and use template parts.

For instance, if your theme had multiple template parts that can be used in the header, then you can simply click on the template part options and select Replace.

This will bring up a modal popup where you can look for available template parts that you can use.


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If you use your phone's hotspot, you can get a faster connection on your computer using USB tethering:

The app also offers reverse USB tethering (to use your computer's Internet on your phone, such as to reduce lag for online gaming).

Personally, I use Visible (a Verizon company) for mobile phone service. They include unlimited data for hotspot use. Visible is only offered in the United States, but they do provide free calling to Canada.

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"One Mind PsyberGuide is a non-profit project that aims to help people to use technology to live a mentally healthier life."

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You can use forward slashes ( / ) instead of backward slashes ( \ ) on Windows (as is the case with Linux® and UNIX). If you use backward-slashes, the file name on Windows might be treated as a relative-path instead of an absolute-path.

The Java™ runtime environment automatically converts forward-slashes into backward-slashes on Windows.

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Mac users can send selected text to an app service by right clicking and selecting "Services."

For example:


Other ways for Mac users to use app services:

Use services in apps on Mac​

Services let you use features of other apps for the task you’re doing without having to open those apps.

Use a service​

  1. On your Mac, select an item, such as a file on the desktop or text in a document.
  2. Open the app menu (to the right of the Apple menu
    ), choose Services, then choose a service.

Change the services available in apps​

  1. On your Mac, choose Apple menu
    > System Settings, click Keyboard
    in the sidebar, then click Keyboard Shortcuts on the right. (You may need to scroll down.)

  2. In the sidebar, click Services, then select items to make them available in the Services menu or deselect items to remove them.
    Items appear in an app’s Services menu only if they’re relevant to the app or task.
You can create keyboard shortcuts for services so you don’t have to use an app’s Service menu.

If you can’t use a service​

  • If you don’t have permission to open the app that’s providing the service, you need to log in as an administrator to use the service.
  • If an app is missing or can’t be opened, try searching for it on your Mac and opening it. Then try using the service again.
  • If the app is in the Trash, select it and choose File > Put Back. Then try using the service again.
See also

Keep your Mac up to date

Install and uninstall apps from the internet or a disc on Mac

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1. Shopify

Market Capitalization: $209 billion.
The newest entrant to the list of Canada's leading software companies is also the largest. Founded in 2006, this small Ottawa-based startup skyrocketed to the top of Canada's burgeoning e-commerce sector, and it is now the largest publicly-traded Canadian company in any industry.

Shopify is a commercial platform used to launch and operate online stores, allowing individuals to easily sell their products online. As of 2020, more than one million businesses use Shopify for online sales.

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"A Legacy Contact is an individual designated to handle a deceased account after a user has passed on."

“You can select a Legacy Contact in the Memorialization Settings section of Facebook’s General Account Settings...The Legacy Contact does not gain access to the account and messages but is permitted through assignment to moderate the deceased user’s profile, download the deceased’s shared content and disable the profile.”

"By 2070, Facebook will have more deceased users than live ones."

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"I'm a hiker. And so, I'm frequently out in places where there is no service. The national parks are largely not covered by cellular service. And so, this happens to people all the time. And it feels so great to be able to talk to a satellite hundreds of miles away, traveling at 15,000 miles an hour."

~ Tim Cook, CEO

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To try such AI oneself:

Part of the post below was written primarily by TextCortex:


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"Build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web with the world's most popular front-end component library."

Bootstrap examples:

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