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I know i said the party went well and it did.. till this happened.

it was marred at the end of the night.. by the birthday girl herself. (house was nearly empty when she erupted) . i won't go into details.. suffice to say she is now packed. I have to throw her out.? ?i'm angry, sad, shocked and i don't know what else.. to be honest.? ?she caused a lot of ppl to be physically injured. including me.. all while we were trying to protect her from herself. It was really crazy here for a few hrs.? ?she didn't get injured at all. T.G? but she actually caused the injuries to us.? 3 of us didn't get to bed till following day..

lesson to learn... if a child\teenager strikes you and gets away with it.. they will do it again.? Drink was not to blame , it was an excuse. she has done similar without drink in her.? ?anyway.. after today she won't be living with me anymore.? she will have to learn the hard way. if she don't she is in for a very lonely life.?

she is gone now.. about hour ago.. and i feel so sad and well it isn't easy.. i have been here before.. but tis still horrible to have to do it AGAIN!?
she knows that i'm not throwing her out of my life.. just out of the house. ( i explained this to her along with some more advice). and she wil llet me know where she is when she finds a place... she won't be on the street either. i know where she will be till sun.? I know she will be ok. she has lived out before..(her own choice at the time, not becaue of any arguement).

that was Mon night, tues, wed and and today..
i will be fine in a day or so.. like i said been here before.. just wanted to use this space and let ye know.. becasue ye have been so supportive and the other piece on the party made me feel like i was not being truthful... and maybe i? ?wasn't but at same time i was... i think i'm trying to keep the two things seperate if that makes any sense.

anyway... i don't know what else to put here..
sorry it's so long.


Re: the 21st aftermath.


I am so sorry to hear about what happened at the party. I have never been in that situation but from what I read, I think that you are making the right decision. Your safety and sanity is #1. You must look after yourself first. I believe you said the right thing by trying to reinforce to her that she is not out of your life but just out of the house and that you also gave her some good advice.

I can imagine that this is a hard thing to do but I am here for you in any way I can.

Take Care
So sorry to hear about that, but it sounds like you did the right thing, even though it must have been very difficult. :(


thanks Nancy, janet..
i know i've done the right thing.. (the logical part of me ) but it still feels so hard.
it's very difficult.. not a nice thing to have to do to one of yur own..

thanks again.


Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry. Yet, it sounds as though you have things under control. You did what you had to do for your safety and for her well-being. She can't stay if she's going to be violent. If she doesn't learn that now, she may not learn it until she's really done some damage to herself.

Stay strong, hon. I admire your courage.


thanks Toeless and TL...
right now i think i should have seen it coming... but i didn't.. don't know why.. and i know hindsight is a great thing.. we can see what we coud have done ect... after the fact\event... and i feel now that if i was more alert to her behaviour and realised earlier ,, then maybe i could have averted this from happening in the first place... i never saw it coming!!! god i must be blind!!


i'm not just angry at her.. i'm angry at myself as well.... the whole thing is amess in my head.. i know she regrets what she has done... (and so she should)... but that doesn't do anything for the way i feel at the min.. and right now i feel i'm being selfish ... and i hate feeling like this!!!!!!!!

okay now i'm just rambling again.. sorry ppl



Never be sorry for saying what you feel...your feelings are valid and reasonable. I would probably feel the same way if it was me. I don't think that you should feel angry at yourself either as you are doing the best that you can. Try not to be so hard on yourself.

Take Care ;)
I agree with Nancy. Don't be sorry for talking here. Don't be sorry for expressing your feelings. I'm sorry this is so hard.



Sorry to here what's happened but it sounds like you have done the right thing.
I haven't been posting lately. Hope all goes well for you and your family and please take care of yourself. No need to be sorry about anything. I only wish I could express how I feel a bit more sometimes.

Take care K9:)
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