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Mar 26, 2004
Book Review: The Anger Volcano
by ADHDmomma, ADDitude
April 17, 2018


A Book About Anger for Kids
Tigerace Books; $6.99 paperback, $2.99 Kindle

A cross between a children’s book and a coloring book, The Anger Volcano describes thoughts and feelings during an episode of anger, and leads the young reader in exercises to redirect her thoughts to something else — to count backward from 10 or to subtract eight hours from the current time. The book encourages kids to talk it out. At the end, author Amanda Greenslade tells her readers that it’s OK to be angry, but it’s not OK to explode like a volcano.

Kids (with or without ADHD) are no strangers to anger and big emotions, especially in the younger years, before they’ve acquired emotional awareness and control. The Anger Volcano is a great tool to use with your child to talk about emotions and work on constructive skills to better regulate them. The format offers an additional exercise known to bring calm — coloring. Practice the exercises when your child is calm, and he’ll be ready to use them when his anger volcano threatens to erupt again.
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