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Just feeling so overwhelmed... My young nephew died of cancer leaving behind a young family. My brother in law died 6 months ago no signs no warning due to an aneurysm. Tomorrow is the funeral for my nephew. Saturday is the funeral for my brother in law. I've spent the last few days full of rage and anger. I want to scream I want to punch the wall. My stomach hurts my chest hurts. I can't eat I can't sleep. I don't know what to do. I am not sure how to get through the next couple days.
Certainly a lot of losses lately for you. Is there any sort of physical activity you enjoy doing (even just something like pushups if you can't go swimming or walking/jogging) that you could use to channel the anger into another direction? Or another option is to do something soothing, like a bubble bath or drawing or if you have any hobbies that require a mild amount of concentration? I know one time when I was very angry, I drew a scribble on a page with the goal of covering the whole page in black - at least it gave me something to do that wasn't destructive and passed the time.

Daniel E.
Another suggestion/reminder: Journal how you feel. And keep writing on a daily basis. And share some select parts with someone. Like here, if you like. One motivation for this: "If you name it, you can tame it."



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