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Is weight loss really worth it ? There are so many diets out there but all of them ( that work) require that one exercises and stops emotional eating and that’s our main problem isn’t it ?, emotional eating. I know that I may sound like a person in denial or who is desperately seeking to rationalise but just consider this..

Emotional eating is the fix for an array uncomfortable emotions, why just one day ago, I realised I had a headache that to my almost instantly disappeared after I had eaten some biscuits. we'd all love to be slim but lets just say that emotional eating stops and we get to be slim- finally and no longer suffer the consequences of being overweight ( the low self esteem, the lethargy, etc)- then what ? Its not just rainbows and butterflies . One has to face those hours of excruciating boredom, of emptiness, of loneliness. I realise that there are other fixes for these emotions but all these not as instant or convenient, its takes a while for the emotion to dissipate.

were you better off in the first place ?

I ask you to take a step back from it all and think objectively without the answer that has been etched in your mind by society and think logically without biased. and ask yourself, is it worth it. I am confident that when one weighs things,not matter what one decides, dieting will be more black and white than ever before

Any comments would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time


The dillema by all struggling overweight people.

I understand where you're going with this. However, the main reason I feel that people should be more concerned with their weight is because of serious health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke, respitory issues, reflux, and osteoarthritis.

Granted those conditions are usually associated with obesity. I'm really not sure of the effects of just being slightly overweight. I'm no doctor. :)

I don't believe in losing weight just to fit other's ideals. I want everyone to feel good about themselves regardless of what other people think! But, it's not all about being thin for thinness sake. It's about taking care of yourself.

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The dillema by all struggling overweight people.

I agree... it's a balance between self-acceptance (really accepting and liking who you are, whether or not you happen to conform to some Barbie doll or GI Joe image of "perfection") and the health issues that can be associated with being overweight -- and let's mot overlook the health issues associated with being significantly underweight either (as in anorexia-bulimia).

Not all things that appear to be "comfort eating" are actually that either -- in the headache example, it is possible that the headache or other physical symptoms zre caused by low blood sugars and therefore eating fixes the problem -- not just a psychological fix which makes you feel better but an actual physiological fix which remedies the cause of the physical symptom.


The dillema by all struggling overweight people.

I'm picturing those large round happy Italian mamas.
Or am I stereotyping?
They seem to be so happy and healthy from what I have read...
maybe this is lots of unprocessed food (even though it's 'lots'), and plenty of good olive oil, fresh air and the thing they have discovered in tomato paste which is supposed to be very healthy for you.
(Can you tell one of my specialities is making spaghetti bolognaise?) :D
I'm also thinking that their lack of stress because they are not worried about conforming, may contribute to their health...

I'm sure I have read that people from the Mediterranean regions are very healthy (generally) even if they can be very large...
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