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    "In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived,
    and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you."
    The Buddha, posted by David Baxter


Dec 21, 2007
Or "Why do teens think"

1.That that just because their pig-sty of a room is invisible to THEM,that it's invisible to everyone else

2.That their dirty laundry will make the long journey by it's self to the washer to go for a swim.

3.That scrubbing their faces till its bright red,equals clean,when 5 mins after they pile on 2 inches of makeup

4.That they insist on taking 30 min showers,knowing that 10 mins of doing the exact same thing,is more than enough

5.That a stack of cookies is equal to the space between their thumb and index,when stretched.

6.That not having a pair of 75$ jeans will NOT impede their natural growth in shape or form

7.That they will make it to adulthood without any lasting scars,despite the fact, they didn't have the latest in personal gadgetry

8.That they must use body sprays in such a liberal manner that they cause severe asthma in otherwise healthy humans.

9.That a red bull and a box of smarties is an adequate wholesome diet

10.That homework MUST be left to the last possible minute,otherwise they will have missed the important opportunity to chat with a friend online,whom they just spent 8 hours of the day with.

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