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.. It makes me tearful in a healing way to read that, thank you...

I have a copy of Gift From Within, but I've not read that part yet.


I like it too

Every bit helps. I joined this forum just over a year ago. Mostly I just try to listen and learn. I am still sadder than sad but I am still here and still trying. Thank-you. :heart: Mari


That's right. This is what my spiritual counselor and others have been trying to get across to me. I *was* a victim. I *am* a survivor. Thank you.


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I love this psalm too. Particularly the idea of not having to forget but not making it the centerpiece of one's life.

I wish people in my life didn't keep reminding me of my circumstance, reminding me that I'm not the same person anymore. Will I ever be the same person? I don't know - and I'm not sure that I want that person to resurface. I'd like to think that the person who emerges from all of the thoughts and self-examination is a survivor in every sense of the word. Not a facade put on to appease outsiders that "I'm ok now". In my mind's eye, complaisance has no room in survivorship.


Wow! I love that, because it is hard to articulate. Thank you for this post and linking the PTSD website. :thankyou2:

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This is a coping mechanism I recently started doing, rather spontaneously really, and it works, I dont take xanax when I start to feel panicky, I count things! Anything, even seconds.....whether it is waiting to see the doctor, waiting for a bus, waiting in a long line, I count things. I count letters, numbers, anything. It helps me to center, and focus, and the panicky feelings lessen. This is a good tip for others like me, who have suffered thru panic attacks. I did to the point of passing out in public.

Frank Ochberg, M.D. on PTT: The Counting Method

Traumatic memories invade the consciousness of those who suffer PTSD, presenting a profound challenge for the survivor and for the posttraumatic therapist. In this 25 minute videotape, Dr. Frank Ochberg explains and models his Counting Method for mastering flashbacks and intrusive recollections. This method is a powerful yet simple tool in the armamentarium of PTT - post-traumatic therapy. Recorded during an extraordinary training seminar for Michigan State University psychiatry residents, this video documents a specific technique and a collegial, collaborative relationship between psychotherapist and client, midway through a long-term, multifaceted out-patient treatment. :2thumbs:
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