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My therapist is going to be gone for a week :blank:. This really sucks im so used to seeing him every week. But I understand that he needs a vacation. don't we all..


You have a great attitude about him needing a vacation - that's awesome.

I can understand how you're feeling as well - mine is leaving shortly for a three MONTH vacation...yikes.


I know all about Therapists leaving. Mine left 2 years ago for 4 months and then this year she left for a scheduled 4 months which has now turned into 1 year. I didn't really think that I was going to make it with having seen her every week and now seeing a new Therapist only once a month but I have to say that this forum is what is really getting me through and I thank each and every person here for their posts, their advice, their compassion and concern. Although I am not giving up the fact that I think she will return in the Fall, I am not focusing on it....if it happens it is meant to be.

Take Care to All


I know it seems like a long time espec. if you're used to seeing him on a reguar basis... maybe you could look at it as a sort of opportunity to see if you can get by this week and if you do reasonably okay then you can tell him that and maybe expand on some of the coping mechanisms you used and if you're having a difficult time, then maybe try thinking about what it is that you need, from him or someone else, that would make your week easier... and tell him that as well when he comes back. maybe try to do something really nice for you this week? or stay busy doing some things you need to get done? and you always have the forums... good luck!
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