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Therapy Etiquette: Common answers to four delicate questions
By Kate Rae

We asked Jacqueline Milner-Clerk, a registered psychologist in Fall River, NS, our top four delicate questions.

1. I'm a real crier - should I bring my own tissues?

Crying is perfectly normal! Don't worry - we will have enough tissues for you.

2. When should I pay? At the beginning of the session or the end?

All details like this should be dealt with before you have your first appointment so you're not going in worrying. When you first speak to the therapist on the phone, she should be able to ease all of your anxieties. You should never feel surprised or awkward.

3. What should I do if I run into my therapist at the movies?

It happens! I always leave it up to the client if they want to say hello. A good therapist will respect your privacy and not give any indication about your relationship unless you indicate otherwise.

4. My therapist always wraps it up after 50 minutes, even though I pay her by the hour. Is this normal?

A 50-minute hour is pretty standard. It gives us ten minutes to take notes on your progress, regroup and get ready for our next client.
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