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I posted here not long ago, My grammar and typing is horrible just try to ignore it. Well I was put on 15mg of abilify which did me well for the first month then they lowered the dosage because I was acting weird having morbid thoughts. But now there out of control and are bothering me all day long thoughts about hurting people and just stuff I don't really want to think about. I don't understand this im not a violent person so why is this happeneing. I think Its because I have OCD and bi-polar and the abilify is balancing out my chemicals wrong. But everything else is better, no more mania or outbursts of rage but I still have these thoughts Im sick of them can anyone help me

David Baxter PhD

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Klez, do you have a therapist, i.e., not just someone who asks you how you are doing with your meds but someone you can actually talk too?

My suspicion is this is simply another manifestation of OCD. Think of OCD as a special form of worrying -- and often it's worrying about something bad. The problem with OCD is that those worries take on an unusual intensity and cycle around creating more worry about the thoughts themselves than about the original worry. And often they are seen by the individual as having special significance or predictive power. They don't. They are just worries, anxieties, fears -- nothing more.


It sounds to me like you really do need someone to talk to about these thoughts; someone with whom you can be completely honest. Often, in talking out the feelings and thoughts we're having that are really bothering us, we can help ourselves to find the reason for these thought. That, in turn, gives us the key we need to lock them away where they belong. :eek:)
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