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hey well seeing as how I am doing a bit better than before I thought it would be a good idea to give you guys the things that help me out, the tools I use to get past the need to hurt myself.

1- take a black marker of a marker of choice and slide it against the spot you would normally cut this will give you a before look at what will stay for a lifetime .. maybe not that long but the scar sometimes stays.

2- Take your pillow stuff your face in it and scream as loud as you can therefore not waking anybody up and being able to just let the pain out.

3-Call a friend who knows you have a hard time tell them what is going on tell her or him what is going through your head

4- if it is really early and you have already screamed in the pillow and magic markered yourself everywere well then take a paper and pen .. and write every word that comes to your head let everything flow through the pen (if you feel very at risk with the pen you think you are going to find a way to hurt yourself with it wait scream a bit more or even cry a bit more)

5- Now once you are calm look in your room take all the sharp and potentially dangerous objects put them in a garbage and then take that garbage outside away from your reach.

6- If you have a boyfriend tell him about it if you are really close of course and if you feel safe with him or her .. well then take your tool of choice and give it to him ask him to throw it out therefore you are sure not to find it again.

7- now go to a counselor or a therapist or anybody that works in that department find the right one for you and talk tell someone they will help you find why you feel that you need this sort of treatment

8- last for now but not only one rememeber that you are not alone you are not crazy you need help believe in yourself and that you are worth being loved and cared for.
if anybody finds more to add please do.

yours truly
many people live withthis behaviro and think that they are a lone it is important to not keep it hush hush not make it become a topic everyone fears to talk about it is a reality and we can't avoid it cause it is present .. for parents i find that once they see some signs of this behaviro to talk to there child about it befor eit goes too far and for people with friends that cut go see a school counselor and tell them ask them what you can do or what the counselor can do to help the person out..
try to think positive no matter what happens when you are sad don,t thnk of everything that is going downhill in life think of the good things the rest you will deal with when youare in a better mood.
yours trully
here's one that worked for was suggested by my therapist...sometimes I just couldn't get passed the urge to feel pain...hold an ice cube in each hand and squeeze them...don't like give yourself frostbite or anything but hold them for like a couple of seconds...set them down...and pick them back up again if you need to ....


Hi kels,
It seems kels your really trying hard to get past the urge, good for you!
Keep up the good job, take care, glad you enjoyed the beach!! :D
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