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How does one get the courage to do this out in public? Do you just have to develop an attitude that it doesn't matter what other people think?


Janet...For a long time I wore long sleeves and than I got to the point where no-one is any different than me...
They don't walk in my shoes nor I theirs, I am sure they have something in their "skeletons in closets" that their not proud of either...I now wear short sleeves and sometimes I get asked about the scars and I reply with,
"IT's part of my past I would rather not discuss" and I drop it at that...Remember NOBODY is any better than you...NOBODY!....RIMH
Thank you so much for your answer. I like your reply to people too about it being part of the past. I think I am almost to the point of it being part of my past and just wanting so much to be free in all ways from it especially how it controls what I wear.

Thank you again. :hug:


I think that it is great if you can get to a point of thinking that it just doesn't matter what others think.

I on the other hand always am thinking, wondering and worrying about what others are thinking about me. It does consume a good portion of my day unfortunately.
I'm sorry, Geminihopes. I guess I'm the same way at this point. I worry a lot about what other people think. I want to get to the point where it doesn't matter as much as it does now. I hope you can too.

One of my fears is running into a family member while I'm out in public with my short sleeves. Or someone else I know. That's a high possibility. I DO NOT want my parents to ever know about what I've done to myself.
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I DO NOT want my parents to ever know about what I've done to myself.

I can definitely relate to that part. I too never want my parents to know what I do and have done to myself.


Janet, I found this blurb about a coverup cream for scars, burns etc. I have not seen how it works but may be something you could look into.

I have a lot of really dark scars on my legs. I'm using a scar-healing cream, but it's not working fast enough. How can I cover up the scars in the mean time?

The finest and most dependable product I know of is DermaColor. It's a highly pigmented camouflage cream designed to conceal scars, burns, and bruises. It can be used anywhere on the body, including the face, and, in fact, contains re-hydrating components that maintain the skin's moisture. Lastly, the tones are so realistic, including a range of hues from yellow beiges for pale skin to ochre browns for dark skin. Here's how to use it:

Begin by warming a small bit of the cream in your hands. Squeeze about a half-inch measure of the cover-up into your palm, and with your fingers, make small circular motions, moving it around and allowing your own body temperature to heat it.

Next, place a tiny bit of the cream on the scar you wish to cover using a patting-rolling motion. I recommend using the smallest amount possible to start, as you can always add more. Because the pigmentation in the product is so high (65%-90% pigmentation), you'll be amazed at how little you actually need to cover even the hardiest scar, including port-wine colorations and dark veins.

When you have the desired coverage, set the cream with a matte, translucent powder. You'll have complete coverage all day. You can even swim in it!

DermaColor costs $25 a tube
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