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My stomach isn't that big to stuff 3 meals a day into on top of snacks in between , that sounds like way to much food to eat.

I think you have to look at the size of the meals, if you make them small but nutritious, it can be very satisfying and not overfilling. I like to snack and I find this type of eating works for me, as long as I remember to eat protein which I find is the most difficult thing to include in my diet. Protein is just less convenient than carbohydrates or fruits or vegetables. I was eating just plain almonds (for protein) but the price has sky-rocketed in the past year (nearly doubled). In fact, I think the chocolate-covered almonds are cheaper but that would probably defeat the purpose.

Do you really think that riding a bike for 1 hour builds muscle I just go as fast as i can and as long as i can just for the cardio since thats all i can do.

Yes, I do. I started biking to and from work a few weeks ago and I've already noticed a change. At first my legs looked almost "swollen" but I think it was just water retention. In the past week the swelling has gone done and my legs are definitely looking better (and I feel better too :) ).

Take care.


The portion doesn't have to be big put well portioned. It very important to have as much nutriment because muscle consume lots and you don't gain fat or unwanted weight.

If you over do exercise your not helping your body either. It will go in starvation mood and you will not gain or lose, after all this work you may start gaining. Look at your body like a car motor, you need your oils, gas and if you don't have the right combination or the wrong product the motor doesn't work.

Cardio like the bike exercise 45 min 5 times a day is a good balance, if your not competing. More may give you opposit result specially if the food balance isn't there.

I was in dancing from age 3 to 18 then I change career decisions. Today i'm certainely paying for the over exercise I've done and all the unbalance nutritions I've done.

When you look at your weight, calculate your BMI and if you are 18-20 that is the norm. What are your goal and what do you feel is a health weight for you. Please be careful to stay HEALTHY that is very important because that will catch back to you if not.

Life is all about balance even if this hard to respect.

Your body needs the food intake, exercise as well as recuperation time(good sleep) then you have the right success.
I can't excercise today my leg is so swollen. Plus I have a cracked filing and its killing me. Oh my I ate 3 pieces of pizza but they were small.
I lie'd I went to the gym but only for half and hour. I sure worked the heck out of my self though. level 5 and I was peddling as fast as I could. I was sweating really bad. eww.


I think there has been a lot of great nutritional advice here (regarding the small meals and snacks). I can share my experience from the past year, maybe it will help. A year ago I weighed 155 pounds and wore a size 12. I had not only had difficulty losing weight port-partum, but I gained weight after my last baby. After a year of losing my battle, I regrouped, and changed my strategy. I knew that what ever I did had to be a lifestyle change, not just something for immediate gratification. I started running, one mile at first, I am now up to five miles. I also supplimented with pilates, which I have found to be a great way to build strength, muscle tone, and flexibility. I began to avoid anything deep-fried, and I have tried to reduce my sugar intake (if I need a sugar fix, I keep things like 100 calorie pack snacks around). I have found that when I eat regularly, and healthy, I have lost more weight than when I tried to simply reduce my food intake. With the exercise and improved diet, I have lost 30 pounds and now wear either a size 2 or 4. Typically when I have been this weight in the past I would wear a size 6, but I think because I have a higher muscle mass to fat ratio, I am in the smaller sizes. With your health issues, you need to customize your workout for your needs. I think you're on the right track with doing cardio and weight training. Your diet needs to improve though, or you're just battling it out with you metabolism. Don't be discouraged at small weight loss, there is an exchange between the fat loss and the muscle gain. I lost about 3-5 pounds a month on my plan (nothing that exciting), and sometimes I went up and down, but there was steady pattern heading down over the long term. It took about six months to get to where I am now, and it was slower in the beginning and probably picked up after about a two months. Don't give up, your body needs a chance to understand what you are doing and get with the program. Good luck!
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