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I just started reading (and I'm almost halfway through) "In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts" by Gabor Mate. So far it's been a great book.

I heard him being interviewed on the radio and I thought the book might be more metaphysical but so far it's been case studies and science. Really good science and case studies however. I like the way he talks about addiction, its not all nature. He demonstrates that nurture has a role also and WE CAN CHANGE. It's difficult but we all have the potential, whether we're 12 or 65, we can be different.

I feel silly writing this but I believe it.

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I'm reading The Feeling Good Handbook by Dr. David Burns. It's good for personal growth, and if you want to effect change in your life.

The other book I just finished is Still Alice, the story of a woman diagnosed with Alzheimers in her 50s.

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Just finished:

  • The Road to Dallas

  • Build Your Own Database Driven Website using PHP and MySQL
  • PHP, MySQL, and Apache
  • Zodiac
  • The Mindful Way Through Depression
  • Feeling Good Together (David Burns for Couples)
  • Solace
I like to read a bit here and a bit there. :eek:


The Wild Side of Town by Chris Barnes

Minds Without Boundaries by Stuart Holroyd

AND a instruction manual for my new vacuum:D


lol Are you sure you don't want to read up on how you could possibly be hunted Daniel? Might give you a heads up on what to avoid or depending on whether you want to be hunted, of course.
I'm reading,

I know why the caged bird sings, by Maya Angelou.


Invisible Girls by Dr. Patti Feuereisen **I would suggest this book to anyone who has been raped or knows someone who has.
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