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Its hard to think what normal is?

*Is it living without a fear in mind

*the confidence to do what ever it might be

*maybe normal isn't what it's all cracked up to be?

*Eating what ever you want and never to think about how many calories you have just inhaled.

*Living each day like there was no tomorrow

*being able to trust people and never having your guard up alll the time

*Not taking 6 or 7 pills a day to keep your sanity. other then your vitamins.

*Being able to be positive about your self, rather then negative.

What its like being abnormal?

*Taking those 6 or 7 pills a day and remembering too.

*Living in fear. Always having your guard up and not trusting anyone.

*Eating and always obssessing over every single calorie.

*Always being negative about your self.

*not having an confidence because you have some kind of disorder. ( Doesn't matter what it is)



I have met alot of people and I have never met a normal person yet.

IMO Everyone has problems either with themselves or with their interpersonal relationships.

Whatever is happening in your life, just try and cherish each day and don't forget to love and be loved.? Steph

just mary

Hi TheLostChild,

What is normal?? Maybe it's better to think; what is average?? Or maybe it's better not to think like that at all.? People are so different, it would be impossible to define a normal or an average person.

We're all human though and similar to Steph, "I have never met a normal person yet", I wouldn't even know one if I saw one.? Normal doesn't exist, maybe you're thinking "normal" when you mean "happy" or "satisfied".? And even a happy or satisfied person is never happy and satisified all the time.

You'll get there, just keep working at it.? You sound like you're doing a pretty good job so far. You are at least able to write down what you think is normal or how you want to be. It's a goal. :)


there is no "normal" there is just "being who YOU are". and we are all different.

once we can accept who and sometimes what we are then this is the "normal" us, you and me.

just my thoughts on this.



Each person is an individual unique person, we all have good things and not so good things about us. Even someone who smiles 24 hours a day has problems and self esteem issues, but would not let you know about it.

Each person is normal no matter what they are like. We all have worries and thought processes that annoy or bother us.

I think today we worry too much about what a normal person would be considered to be.

We are unique and special, no other person is like us. Like nsa stated, Just be yourself. Enjoy life to its fullest. Take each day and look at it as it happens. Second by second.
normal to me is to not have any anxiety, to not drag myself around, to have energy and to be ok.. to not be worrying about every little thing in your day. just being ok and safe and not even having to think deep thoughts. normal is hard to describe.. normal to me is just being me and being friends with myself. i just want to be myself again.
to me normal would be little or no aniexty, no fear of things, being able to go out and shop and go almost anywhere without panic, or the fear of a panic attack, to be able to get on a bus or train, eat a meal out and not even think about it, just do it!


I would like those normal things as well, but then I ask myself, is that what is normal for me? Is that really what is the norm? ;) (no anxiety, lots of energy, ability to sleep painlessly at night etc.. that isn't my norm :( )
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