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What Parents Need to Know About Teens: Facts, Myths and Strategies
CAMH?s Newest Publication Speaks to Parents of Teens. For parents of teens or pre-teens, Dr. David Wolfe?s latest book is a must-read.

In his work with adolescents, David is often asked, ?What do I need to know to help my teen avoid alcohol and other drugs, abusive peers or dating partners and other worries?? What Parents Need to Know about Teens: Facts, Myths and Strategies responds to parents? desire for practical, accurate and user-friendly information about raising teens. It is the first in a series of four books written with parents? questions and concerns in mind.

David draws on years of practical and clinical experience in writing books for parents. He holds the inaugural RBC Chair in Children?s Mental Health at CAMH as well as being Head of CAMH?s Centre for Prevention Science. He is a Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology at the University of Toronto?and he is the father of three teens.

What Parents Need to Know about Teens is available in English and French; to obtain copies or to order other CAMH publications, contact CAMH?s Sales and Distribution at 1 800 661-1111 or 416 595-6059 in Toronto or e-mail
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