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well i thought that to help me feel better i would reinforce the positive things that are going on in my life and thati have sort of not really noticed! i have not SI in a month about a new record almost i am doing so great i am pretty contente about that cause wel i just didn't feel the need to i have started walkign a lot so that now when i feel stressed or any emotion i go out for a walk to get some air and to beet the urge up to a point that when i am stressed now i don't even think about SI and in the pastit was almost a reflexe! i don'T think it will be present much in my life anymore i may have set backs but i am sure this is the end of it i don't feel that it is a way i will use anymore to diminish my stress sure i still use other ways such as my e-d but at least 1 down 2 to go!
yours trully


That is great news, you must be so proud and happy, congrats:funky: and hope things just keep getting better and better for you.


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Great to hear Ashley! :clap: I am also glad you noticed that things are going well for you. That can be a feat in itself at times. Great work. :goodjob:


congrats. i remember when i couldn't even make it one, i've gone 6 months (for the 2nd time in 11 yrs.) without.

i actually haven't had that many urges which is strange considering the huge changes that have occurred in my life.

but, congrats again..take care.
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