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Mrs. King

Hi everyone! Now I come to think about it and write it down, I have quite a lot of psychological abnormalities. My father was an alcoholic, and something of a bully. Mum quite cold, bless her heart. I suspect she had worries of her own, but at the time I thought she didn't like me as a kid!

I have suffered from, and overcome, agorophobia in my teens/ early twenties. My two marriages have ended in divorce after I allowed both husbands to treat me with disrespect. Both exes chased and even dated other women behind my back. During the second relationship, I developed a fear of food and an OCD, symptoms of which were hand-washing and not eating anything anyone had touched (including myself). I am currently trying to recover from my second marriage break-up, which occured a year ago. I have six children and take fluoxetine for depression, although I notice that a positive attitude is better than the Prozac. Even so, I do find it hard to be positive sometimes. I have been accepted at university this autumn, so things are moving on, but I cry most days for my husband I have just lost. Despite the fact that I was unhappy in the relationship. What a whinger, I know! I want to be well but some days I feel it is easier to be catatonic than to struggle with it all :eek:)

David Baxter PhD

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Welcome, Mrs. King... and you're not a whinger. Leaving even a bad relationship requires a period of grieving... perhaps not for the relationship you actually had but for the dream of the relationship you hoped you would have when you began. That's often true even when you are the one who made the decision to end it.

Add to that 6 children (!) and it's no wonder you at times feel a little bit overwhelmed by it all. Given that, the courage you show in starting again by going back to university is, I think, amazing -- something to be proud of.

Mrs. King

Thank you, David. I intend to be well again. I think this is such an altruistic thing that you all do here. Thank you for your voluntary help.
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