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What are the reasons that men and women cheat on their marriage partners? Are they the same for both genders?


Good question HeartArt and I am really really looking forward to the answer or more insight on this one.

David Baxter PhD

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I would say, based on my work with couples, (1) that the reasons are many and varied; and (2) that the reasons for males and females who cheat are pretty much the same.

  • dissatisfaction with the marriage - the biggest factor
  • boredom
  • anger at the spouse/partner
  • desire for excitement
  • desire for novelty
  • need for reassurance and affirmation
  • fears about growing older

These are probably the big ones.

Don't forget that in spite of all the publicity given to cheating in relationships, there are still many people who don't cheat. It's easy to become cynical about humanity reading the newspaper or magazines but there's another side to it as well. A successful (and faithful) marriage isn't usually news - only the unsuccessful ones get talked about.
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