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Women with pets more likely to endure domestic abuse, study finds
Jun 8, 2017, CBC News

Women with pets are enduring domestic abuse longer and returning home sooner for fear their animals could be hurt, according to new research from the University of Windsor...

Researchers also found that three quarters of the people working in shelters know of women who do not leave at all, because they could not bring their animals with them...

"At times they call us and they do want to leave, but they're concerned about their pets."

"Women are going into shelters and then finding out after the fact they could have brought their pet, but of course for safety reasons you can't have women going back to the home where the abuser is to get the pet."

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UWindsor to map shelters with pet care to help women experiencing domestic violence

More women's shelters across Canada need to start accepting pets

United States: Safe Havens Mapping Project
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