"The Caring Motivation: An Integrated Theory" is an academic book written by Dr. Ofra Mayseless, who teaches psychology at the University of Haifa in Israel. I stumbled upon it because I noticed that even when I'm feeling down, I still have a strong urge to take care of my pets and my partner.

The book is all about caring and how it affects our relationships with others. Mayseless uses a bunch of different fields like psychology, philosophy, and neuroscience to come up with her theory that basically says caring is super important for our well-being.

The book is split into three parts. The first part introduces the idea of caring and explains Mayseless's theory. The second part talks about how we develop caring from being babies to adults. The third part gets into how caring affects society and stuff like morality and social justice.

Overall, the book is pretty interesting and makes a good argument for why caring matters. Mayseless uses lots of different sources to back up her ideas and the book is great for anyone who wants to learn about caring and how it can help us feel good.

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"Caring is all around us and is manifested in diverse settings such as parenting, friendships, volunteering, altruism, mentoring, teaching, pet adoption, and gardening. The study of caring, the giving end of our relations, has been dispersed among a large variety of research paradigms (e.g., evolution, brain research, attachment theory, feminism, altruism, volunteering, parenting, social support, prosocial development, organizational citizenship behavior and sustainability) and this has impeded our understanding of caring."
The Caring Motivation

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