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I have been involved with the CAS for about 2 months now, since the incident that occured involving my parents and I. A social worker once told me I could possibly be suffering from clinical depression. I didn't know what it was then, but I was willing to accept as an answer. I just wanted to know what was wrong with me then. It did take me about 3 or 4 weeks to finally accept that depression could be what the problem was; but my parents refused to accept it -- even when workers of the CAS had told them repeatedly.

How can I make them understand? They're denying and refusing to believe that I may be suffering from depression. They told me that if I did suffer from depression, that it would be THEIR fault. Basically, they gave me a whole guilt-trip lecture. How can I let them accept it, without believing that it's no fault of their own? And if it is, how could I help them accept it and improve on their actions instead of just being upset over it and not do anything about it?



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Hi Mika,

I have had several bouts of depression too. Yes there may be enviromental factors in one's depression but medically it means that someone's body doesn't produce enough seritonin, a chemical in our brain we need to have even moods. It's like having the flu, if you got the flu would that be your parents fault? Probably not.

Check out some of the posts regarding depression and myths about mental health issues and it may shed more light on the subject for you. But there is definitely not anything "wrong" with you. Its a health issue and thats it, and there are anti-depressant meds out there that do help increase the levels of seretonin..take care



Let them know that many things can cause depression like a shortage of B vitamins, not enough sleep, lack of omega-3 EFAs and a lack of sunlight if people have S.A.D.Tell them that the singer, Mariah Carey had a nervous breakdown due to a lack of sleep.:)
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