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I?m 17 years old and a junior in high school. I?ve been researching a little and see that I probably suffer from some form of anxiety, but am unable to control or subdue it... :-/ I joined this community hoping that anyone with the same problems might be able to offer some advice. My anxiety began over the summer, at first just a sick feeling every now and then, I had a little trouble sleeping, and felt a little nervous. I assumed it would eventually go away, but got progressively worse as school started, in September. Since the beginning of September I have been suffering from constant nausea, occasional diarrhea which has become less frequent as I become more familiar with the anxiety; I fidget a lot.. I?m not sure if this is common among those with anxiety? I pick at my fingers, but some how don?t notice that I am doing so, which I find odd? I really only notice when my boyfriend tells me to stop. I have developed a much smaller appetite and experience sweaty palms and a racing heart quite frequently. Sometimes I feel so nauseous and nervous, and very overwhelmed for seemingly no reason at all, that I have trouble speaking or even laughing with friends? I see that others experience some of the same symptoms, but I am unsure of how to handle all of this? I don?t like to admit this, but I have cried almost every night for last few months because of how this makes me feel.. I wake in the morning feeling as though I can?t face the day.

Thank you for reading thus far, and I hope no one finds this silly or insignificant?

I?m not sure if this would be the area to discuss my lack of self-confidence or feelings of emptiness?? But I no longer have the self-confidence I once had, or the feelings of contentment that I used to have.. Last year, I attained A?s in all my classes, (AP Biology, Algebra2/Trig/honors, English honors, French and history CP), and a 5 on my biology AP test? This year, I can?t concentrate on school anymore, and my grades have fallen significantly. I currently have a 69 in AP chemistry and had a 91 in the beginning of the year, just to give you an idea of what has been happening.. My SAT scores have not been good either, and I feel as though no matter how much I study, I just am not able to attain decent marks.. I continually second guess myself and never trust myself about anything. I often become so convinced that I am wrong or cannot succeed that I feel sick and very upset to the point of crying. During tests, I spend most of my time trying to relax, stop shaking, and slow my heart rate, rather than focusing on the task at hand. I know I am not alone when it comes to this, but I do not know how to help this problem. I know that it can be as easy as ?just believing in yourself and having confidence,? but when you don?t have any confidence, its hard to think positively about yourself and nearly impossible to believe that you will succeed. I have always doubted myself in certain areas to a small extent, but never has it been this bad.. I feel like I have dug myself into a whole too deep?
kimberly, a lot of this really sounds like depression and anxiety to me. i really think you need to see your doctor about this and tell him all of this. do you really need one of your parents to take you? can you not go see him on your own? i'm not sure how all this plays out with insurance etc. but i would hate to see you sink down into depression over the next three months if something could be done about it now. you shouldn't have to suffer more than necessary.

just another thought, are you in canada? if so, medicare should take care of your doctor's visit no problem.
heh, you are full of great advice.. you posted a lot about my mother too.. uhmm.. in the U.S so going to a doctor on my own might be difficult. ill just try and.. keep up with school.. and.. idk, hopefully ill be alright.. i just need some suggestions on how.. toooo... idk lessen the occurrance of.. panic attacks, and days where i just cry after school..

thanks again <333

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What about a guidance counselor at school? What about asking to see your family doctor and talking to him/her about the stress and anxiety you've been experiencing?
my mother will not take me. annd... the counselor is unsure of what to do... :-/ she will help me, but i think that.. things will only get better once i leave my house.. until then, i just need some suggestions on how to deal, you know?

thanks for your help, Mr. Baxter, it is greatly appreciated.

David Baxter PhD

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  1. find a book by David Burns titled When Panic Attacks - if you can't find that look for The Feeling Good Handbook by the same author
  2. look into meditation
  3. look into hatha yoga
  4. examine your nutrition: increasing omega 3 essential fatty acids will help
  5. eliminate as much caffeine as possible from your diet
  6. drink chamomile tea (Sleepy Time tea) to relax you at bed time
  7. try to get regular exercise
  8. try to take time-outs from studying and the pressure you put on yourself for just chilling...
thanks so much, i will look into all of that... im sure that book will be a lot of help. I dont have a lot of time to read it, but.. hopefully i can get some reading in between classes and stuff..

thanks again, its really nice of you to offer your advice.


I'm not sure if this will help you but I started becoming anxious about being anxious and so this mindfulness exercise was recommended to me. It?s pretty simple, but basically it was along the lines of experiencing the anxiety, like noticing what it feels like, staying present with it, and not trying to fight it off. Turns out it actually worked for me. It might be something to try.
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