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she is my cousin, 32 years old, having mentally problem sice 5 years ago. she refuse to go to a doctor. she feel better to keep herself in room, seldom talk but grumbling and hands shaking while holding newspaper (when reading). her family spend lots of efforts to persuade her to go to a doctor. she went once to the hospital in singapore but later she refuse to go for medical follow-ups. she even refuse to take those medicine that the doctor gave to her as she complaint that she feel sleepy after taking it. now, her condition getting worse, easily irritated by noice / stranger / TV program (especially S'pore program---she hate S'porean thinking that S'pore doctor giving her poison during her treatment). She even?quarrel with family members and sometimes with scary action, hold knife / adding some unknown powder in her family drinking water. she don't trust her family now. as her cousin, i feel want to help her and her family. as my knowledge on mental problem is limitted, i hope that somebody can give me some advice... thank you very much.?

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She needs to be seen by a doctor for an accurate diagnosis before any course of treatment can be determined.

I have no idea about what the laws are in Singapore. Here, since she is refusing to go to a doctor voluntarily, what you would need to do is wait until she was deterioriating to the point where she was out of touch with reality and possibly deemed to be a danger to self or others, at which point she could be treated with family consent. I would suggest that you talk to your own doctor in Singapore to find out how to proceed and what options are available to you and the family.
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