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I take Clonazepam daily and am allowed to take up to 2 a day however how long between each dose should I wait to take the next one. I ask because I am experiencing higher than normal anxiety this morning due to stresses at work (both jobs) beyond my control but and the anxiety is just not easing off. I have tried breathing and getting outside for some air to clear my head and try to relieve the anxiety but it isn't working. I was wondering if it is too early between doses to take another pill. I took my first pill this morning at 6:30 a.m.


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The timing isn't critical, Nancy, as long as you don't exceed the prescribed daily dose. The worst that can happen is you might feel a little sleepy but if you anxiety is peaking even that is unlikely.

With clonazepam, you'll get peak blood concentration within 3 hours so if you took your first dose at 6:30 you should be fine to take the second now.
With clonazepam, you'll get peak blood concentration within 3 hours

I was wondering if someone could explain what this means? How soon after you take clonazepam should you start to feel it? It seems to make me sleepy and then later the anxiety comes back worse than before. I've been taking 1mg at bedtime, but I am still not sleeping through the night.

Is it something that needs to be taken every day to be effective?

(If that makes any sense.)


Peak blood concentration just means the time at which the blood levels (and, therefore, effectivity of the drug) are at their highest. There is a period of build-up to that point, and a period of slow loss of effect beyond that point.

What dose of clonazepam are you on? I've known some people who found it effective to half the pill and take it more often. That might be something you could discuss with your doctor to help eliminate the sleepiness. The drug is usally taken three times a day, but is also prescribed on an as-needed basis. It seems to work best when taken regularly, at least once daily - usually, at night.
I can take 1 mg at night. It just seems like since I have been doing that, the anxiety the next day is almost unbearable, but it may not have anything to do with the increased dose. I wondered if there could be some sort of rebound anxiety. Another thing is when medication makes me feel sleepy, that makes me anxious. Very much so. I don't want to sleep.

I take this (was prescribed 1 mg @ night) exactly as Dr. Baxter describes and it seems to work better for me, although I am also on Risperadol and Prozac too. I was experiencing the same thing you describe by just taking it at night only.
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Thanks, texasgirl and Dr. Baxter and ThatLady. I am also on Prozac which seems to be helping some. I will try the night and morning dosing. :)


That sounds like a good plan, Janet. As I said, I've known people who split their doses in half and took the medication more often, and it seemed to work very well. I hope this works for you! :hug:
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