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I'm feeling very disoriented, confused and disorganized. It seems this is a response to my "connecting" with some of my experiences, thoughts and feelings on a deeper level lately? Plus, my sister's death date is next Friday and I feel like I want to throw up.

I know I'm doing some good "work" and I am grateful to be finally dealing with many of my issues on this level, but man, is it ever uncomfortable.

I just feel so sad and indescribably uncomfortable.


hey hun, sorry you're feeling so down! but as you said, maybe reconnecting w/ things you've been trying to push away and being reminded of painful events and emotions has something to do w/ all of this. then again, no one ever said "dealing" w/ one's issues or going to therapy was a stroll along the beach, right? I don't really know how someone should feel after confronting all of these things, to me it seems to make a lot of sense that this is part of how you'd feel. Confronting one's past and feelings is bound to leave you feeling confused at 1st, it's like if someone tries to quit drinking and then is left w/ nothing to use in order to cope.. so there's that initial stage of feeling overwhelmed and kind of lost.... but I think you should keep being open & honest w/ your therapist and groups so you can get the best out of them... I don't know if this will help, but could you maybe take a break from things for an hour or say each day? What I mean by that is, as weird as it is, sometimes we have to set us rules about when we'll do things or think about things so if you were to do something that involves other people and something that you enjoy, it would at least give you a break for a little bit.... no, it wouldn't fix feeling uncomfortable or confused etc. but it could maybe make the whole day a little bit brighter? sometimes, people do just need some alone time though to deal w/ things and think things through, do whichever fits best...


I really think it must be expected, as we confront our "issues", that we will feel confused, saddened, and out of sorts. It's part of working through those issues. Although difficult, the process is well worth it in the end, hon. On the other side of your current emotional "storm" is the most beautiful rainbow...your future. :)
Thanks guys.

When I wrote that I was feeling panicked and disconnected. Sometimes it just helps to tell "someone".

I seem to be staying in more over the last few days. Maybe i'll make an effort to get out tomorrow. Breaks are good.

I agree that it is to be expected. It really is overwhelming sometimes though. Almost unbearable. Bizarre.

Anyway, thanks again :)
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