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I'm sorry you're hurting and feeling so alone and scared. It's hard to have those feelings. Especially when they seem relentless, not letting up and you don't get much of a break.

I care. I really do. I wish and hope things will be better for you very soon. That you can work through this pain and hurt and all these feelings of loss and losing yourself. That all sounds so difficult.

:hug: :hug: :hug:


Braveheart you are not alone and I definitely do care. I can't take away your hurt and pain but I can let you know that I understand and am here for you anytime.

When you are hurting and the pain feels overwhelming please remember this:

I care :heart:
I understand :heart:
I am here :heart:

Take care
:hug: :hug:


My dearest braveheart;

Just as Halo said, you are not alone. I know that feeling, and I know how all consuming and relentless it can be, but you have to know that inside you is a strength. You have proven that already by surviving your trauma. Look inside yourself, see your beauty, see your strength and see your resilience. It's there dear, just sometimes hidden. Hold on tight to the knowledge that, although bruised and battered, you weren't broken. And that you should be so very proud of. You didn't let it break you. And you can't let it break you now. Lean on us, vent to us, cry to us, we are all here. Halo said it best, so listen and lean. I am lighting a candle for you tonite and sending any extra energy I have your way. Much love and hugs coming to you from all of us.
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Thank you.

Therapy yesterday helped some. And I got out socially today, and am seeing a friend on Sunday. So I'm doing a bit better. Slept better last night, too.

I guess it just comes in waves...


Dear Braveheart,
I think your very brave for posting your feelings and pain. I will be thinking of you during this time. I think your name, shows you are brave and willing to put your heart into recovering. Braveheart means so much and you mean and give so much to the members of the forum.
Be gentle and kind to you ok during the difficult days. :) I admire your courage and sharing this post.
take care Holly



How are you doing hun?? I have just been thinking about you and wanted to touch base with you. I hope today was maybe a bit brighter for you.
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