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I found this questionnaire on thePsychology Today website and I found it to be quite interesting. It gives you a score out of 100 which is for me was a good indication of whether Anxiety and Stress are affecting my life. There is an option for a more detailed report but it required a fee for an upgrade.

I thought that I would share it here if anyone is interested Anxiety Questionnaire
I liked it, and the site.
I love to know how accurate people thought it was, I scored 'mid-range' which is where I feel I am, as I am currently being treated for high anxiety with meds.
Thanks Halo
Perhaps if people like the Questionnaire, then it should be made into a sticky?


I scored mid to high range on the scale which I think is accurate as well considering that anxiety is a big factor in my life and am being treated also with meds for it.

Not just because I posted it but if others find it helpful, making it a sticky may be a good idea.


On second thought, I think that I am going to make a decision and just go for it. Making it a sticky that is. If Phoenix and I both like it then why not. :)


I got a 77. Which, might almost seem low to me. I would have thought it to be even higher. is well over the midrange anyhow which doesn't surprise me.

I liked the test too. Was short and sweet. Sometimes they go on and on forever it seems. This one was good.

Thanks a bunch



Glad you liked it Serenity :)

I know of a bunch more that are similar to this one and will post them when I have a chance.


Yikes! I was a 79...but that's no surprise. I've had to try to stay in drive(rather than overdrive or neutral) for years...even as a kid I was always analyzing and worrying. I am doing much better now that menopause has come my way. Not such a rollercoaster.


I scored a 68--95% of which I can attribute to college and my workload this semester. I'm surprised it isn't higher, really. I like that site...there's some good information there.:)


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I scored a 56 on the stress test. Its seems to be a great tracking tool for anxiety. I thought my score would be higher, so, not bad. :)


Hi Halo,

Thanks for providing the site, which shows my Stress Rate and helps me to work out on it to reduce stress.
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