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Upcoming Conference

Speaker: Ross Greene, author of The Explosive Child

Subject: The Explosive Child: A Collaborative, Problem Solving Approach
Date: June 11, 2007

Location: Travelodge, 1376 Carling Ave.
Cost: Early Bird cut-off date: May 28 , 2007 .

  • Early Bird Individual Enrollment $185
  • Early Bird Group: 3-7 registrants $170
  • Early Bird Group: 8 + registrants $155
  • Early Bird Full-Time Student Rate $135

Please add $20 to quoted rates after May 28, 2007

Parents: This seminar will help parents of an explosive, oppositional child/youth to better understand the nature of his/her difficulties. It will also provide an intense, in depth orientation to the CPS approach to intervention.

For further information, visit
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