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Briefly, i'm 44 and on disability since 2003 for complex ptsd, anxiety-depression, panic disorder, "bipolar 2" (not convinced of this one) and relapsing alcohol abuse. I was assaulted, terrorized and neglected as a child and it set the stage for a pattern of abuse. My foundation has been rocked and today, i feel "safe" isolating from the jungle out there. I find healing when i'm alone and i'm nervous around people even my loved ones. I wasn't always this way but i accept my transformation as a result of the neglect or non-existence of appropriate therapeutic intervention in childhood and beyond. I accept myself as i am but "society" doesn't. (One more reason for me to disconnect from the mainstream.) I want to thank David for this forum which i find to be a safe and honest forum for unique individuals. I wish David a speedy recovery from his recent medical intervention. Also many thanks to the moderators who make this forum possible. I read faster than i can type and, being in the process of moving, i hope to contribute with focus when i can. I'm sure to learn much here. God bless you all. :)



Hi Josée and welcome to Psychlinks :welcome2:

I am glad that you have decided to join our community and I hope to see you around :wave:


Welcome to Psychlinks, Jos?e!

Thank you for sharing your story and we'll look forward to further discussions with you.

I read faster than i can type

I confess my case is the opposite which sometimes gets me into trouble:eek:
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