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When I was younger, and throughout the first years of elementary school, I was a very loved kid. I was the most popular in my school, but then people started to get away from me. I moved to Miami about a year ago and I've had some time to think and just realized that maybe I had some sort of problem. I am 19 years old, the youngest of my family. Most people would say I look 5 years younger. I have enuresis; altough it has considerably decreased in the last year, it still happens once in a while. (like once every 4 or 5 months) My heigh is 5'5, it does bother me a lot, I am the shortest member of my family and I also was the second shortest in High School, I think I havent grown in a long time. At age thirteen, my face got covered with acne. It was really bad so at fourteen, my dermathologist prescribed Roaccutan, a very effective but dangerous medication. I am worried that it could affected my growth, I have read some rumors that it could have triggered a premature closing of growth plates. All my family had taken it but at older ages, some of them even took it twice. Acne runs in our genes. I was my doctor's youngest pacient using that medication. Those years were hard for me, but around age fifteen my face cleared out.
My father is diabetic. I have seen him faint several times when his blood sugar gets low. I always worry about him. I think this may have also affected my personality. Moreover, he tends to avoid talking about my problems, I know he loves me very much but I think thats his only flaw. My mother is of the sensitive kind, I dont like to speak with her about me because she starts crying as soon as I start. Until last year when I moved to Miami from Mexico City, I had been extremely protected by my parents. We were in a good economic situation and Mexico isnt very safe, so I was always accompained by a bodyguard. In my house, we had four housekeepers, so basically, I didnt have to move a finger. But I never became conceited. I had some friends, but I've been feeling alone for quite a long time. And now that I live in Miami, its harder to see them. I've become a very shy and introverted person, the thing is, that I want good things to happen but I often find myslef sabotaging myself. I went to see a psychologist once, but then, I wasnt really aware of what I am describing here, so we just spoke about some traumas I had recently passed, in one where I thought my brother was dead after an epileptic attack inside a mid-flight plane and another one where before anything happened (thanks g-d), I found a suicide letter written by a loved one. She really cured the frequent anxiety that arose in me when I remembered those situations.
I've had a few oportunities to meet girls who seem interested in me, but my lack of self confidence and nervousness make me stutter or speak in a way that sends them the wrong message. I never get the courage to speak to a stranger, so the few people I know from College have either been introduced to me, or I've met them in class, but I never say the first word. After everything, I think I am fine. I've learned to stand up in difficult situations and I have a stable mind, but I can only live once and I am really trying to change this about myself.
Please give me some advice.

Daniel E.
I never get the courage to speak to a stranger, so the few people I know from College have either been introduced to me, or I've met them in class, but I never say the first word.

If you are currently in college, FIU, MDCC, U of M, etc. should all have great social clubs that make it much easier to meet and socialize with others. For example, when I was at Miami-Dade Community College in Kendall, they had a very friendly honors society that did activities together. If you have common hobbies and interests, the Miami Herald and may be good ways to find social groups and organizations in Miami.


It's never really necessary to speak the first word, hon. A happy smile can serve one just as well. Being shy isn't all that uncommon. Lots of people feel shy around those they don't know. If you just smile at people and keep a positive outlook, things will work out.

I can understand your concern with the enuresis. That's always a difficult problem to deal with. However, there are treatments for it. There's even an alarm system you can use to retrain yourself so the incidents of bedwetting don't happen. Here's a link to some information that might be helpful for you:

There is probably more information available, but this article seemed to cover things pretty well. :eek:)
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