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I was doing a search for pathological liar and happened on this.

I'm a 56 year old male, and a seasoned veteran of various types of recovery/self discovery venues including several years of private therapy, different groups, 12 step programs, religious, etc. Have been unable to realize any lasting sense of well being from all of this; indeed, have given up any hope of that. Of course when anybody hears that the first concern is suicide, but that's not the case here. Curiously, the liar thing was never approached in my search, so that's my latest. I won't expect anything from this, but will be interested to hear from youz all.

My interests are music, photography, computer games, tv. I'm an accomplished guitarist/vocalist, but find no satisfaction from that. To be continued...?


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thanks, lady

thanks, Halo. what does super moderator mean? I don't understand yet how the posting works. I thought I replied to ladylore, but it is showing up here?

thanks, Halo. What does super moderator mean? Did you get this already? I don't understand how the posting works yet.

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Welcome Jeff!

I thought I replied to ladylore, but it is showing up here?

That's because all the posts in a given thread are listed in chronological order from the time they are submitted. To send a message privately, one can use the Private Message feature.

What does super moderator mean?

In this forum, "Super Moderator" simply means moderator, as in forum moderator.


Welcome Tiny,

As has been explained, Forum messages are threaded and a reply within a thread is added to the thread, but not directed to the person to whom you may be responding.

A good way to make it clear to whom you are responsding would be to write that member's name in the salutation of your reply.

Another technique to help the recipient know what you are writing about is to copy and paste the part of their message in your reply as a quote such as:

I don't understand yet how the posting works

After you paste the text, highlight it and click on the Quote tool above the message composition window. It's the 8th one from the right.

Private messaging is available to members for housekeeping and truly private conversations, but topics from the forum board should not be redirected to PM's.

By keeping discussions on the board, everyone on the Forum can benefit from the discussion and provide input.

Finally the "Super Moderator" designation has to do with the this particular forum software, referring to the administrative capabilities of our moderators.

Glad you've joined us and let us know if you need further help navigating the Forum software

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