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Nice to stumble across these forums; it's always refreshing to know one is troll-free, and constructive.

I'm a second-generation Japanese living in Arizona, though born in New Jersey. I am 18 and am taking a light break from college until this fall, to finish some AA courses.

Um hmm. Ailments. A bit of chronic fatigue from my recovery of the numerous meds I recieved for mononucliosis; they really went overboard with the IV, I guess. Hospitals and Doctors kind of scare me now.

Other than this, I like rigorous physical activity, having taken Taekwondo for 5 years, Iaido (sword art, arakiryu) for 4 year, and some styles of Kung-Fu/Wushu for abother 4 years. I really want to try competitive kick-boxing, however. I have some experience in 2-D design, having graduated from an arts highschool.

My favorite food is anything sushi, particularly shell fish. That, and cucumbers.

Besides this, I'm more boring than I sound. Good night.


Nice to have you stumble in and join us, Akitaka.

I took a few lessons in Taekwondo. I was really enjoying it but I worked shifts and they changed the schedule so had to quit. Now, it's too much like exercise :~}

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