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Hi all of my fellow anxiety suffers. I have a book called Man Interrupted that just came out in Canada based on my true story of my constant battle with anxiety, depression, and OCD called Man, Interrupted. It's told in a funny way as trying to confront my drug fears I end up have a drug dealer chasing all over town so give it a try. I end up getting rid of most of my anxiety so I hope its inspiring. It's published and has two Oscar winners prasing my book. I'm working on the screenplay now. Give me some feedback. Best, James.

Daniel E.
Book search for the new paperback edition:

Book search for the hardcover edition:

For those in Canada:
At, the paperback edition is shipping now. However, it may take 2-5 weeks to arrive:

For those in the US: says the paperback edition will be available for purchase soon.

For those in the UK:
Amazon.UK has the new paperback in stock.

BTW, it would be nice if the publisher would put up an excerpt of the hardcover or paperback edition at


Wow this sounds really interesting from the reviews on amazon. I love reading and this sounds like a good book to read. Any idea's where i could get it from in the uk?


Daniel E.
If you are in the UK, go to or the publisher's website. The publisher is in the UK and doesn't charge for UK shipping.


Most borough libraries should have at least one copy. I work for the library service of a London council, and I know most of our libraries have a copy. :)
Thanks Gayle you can go to Waterstones or any bookstore in Uk and ask for Man Interrupted by James Bailey. Looking forward to your feedback. Cheers James author of Man, Interrupted.
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