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I dyed my hair.

A shade darker, apparantly.

It is now REALLY dark. With these golden type lights.
[it's not dry yet, though..]

At first it really freaked me out, but I in moments I am starting to get used to it...Sometimes when I look at it I actually quite like it. Even though the ends are nearly black.

But then the other thoughts come in...

It was meant to be MID brown!

I used Light Brown before [Clairol Natural Essences] and it was almost blonde. [you can see in my profile pic what it was like before..]
So I decided to go a bit darker. I never meant it to be THIS dark! I don't have a camera or I'd post a pic....

I just washed it to get out as much of the excess as possible. I've started to feel really paranoid about it. I don't look like me any more.

Logically, I know it's on the same continuum to when I went deep red/auburn.

But I still feel uncomfortable and maybe even a bit ugly.
I can't begin to imagine what the bullies Back Then would have said.
My hair has always been a ... sensitive issue.
I always used to have it cut how my mum wanted it.
It was a big deal when I was in 6th form at school and finally felt able to grow it and have it as I wanted, and decided no more visits to the hairdresser.
Then when I was 27 and my self image was rock bottom a yoga teacher reprimanded me for hiding behind my fringe [it was long and over my eyes] so I grew out my fringe to make it all the same length. That took some time.

I just feel really bad about how I look now...

hair is always much darker when wet. give it a chance to dry and see how it looks.

worst case, if you really don't like it, maybe you could go to a hairdresser and have them correct it. you're not stuck with what you've got. :hug:


Thanks. :)

I let it dry and it was still really dark.
It's still wet from washing it again, but I think it's faded a bit.
I wash my hair every day so hopefully it will gradually fade more. The lighter shade did.

I can't do hairdressers. Too scared. Much rather have control myself.
i don't know much about dying, is it the case that when you have dyed it dark that to get it lighter you would have to do some sort of bleaching? maybe you can find a product out there that would gradually lighten your hair colour? is there a number on the box you can call for questions? maybe they would have suggestions - that is, if you feel ok calling.

just remember, hair grows, and the colour probably will fade in time. you're not stuck with what you've got. :)
Braveheart - if you are still trying to get it out, a hairdresser once recommended using head and shoulders to strip the colour... (you probably want to avoid their new range where they specifically have a 'for colour treated hair) option. Aparently its really good because of how strong it is, at getting out colour.:poodle:


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I use to dye my hair for a few years. I found that if I didn't use the condition that locks in the colour every day that it grew lighter and lighter. I only took a few days as I was washing my hair almost every day.


Daniel E.
Phoenix's suggestion of using Head & Shoulders definitely seems good:

A similar suggestion:

Hair Color That Is Too Dark

Option #1:

If you or your stylist colored your hair and the shade is too dark you have a few options. Pour some Prell shampoo into the palm of your hand. Pat the shampoo on top of your dry hair and make sure the shampoo covers completely. Leave the shampoo on your hair for 30-45 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Also, there is a 20-page discussion at:


Thanks. :)

I've been doing some intense washing and it's faded to a more natural look. The darkest residue has gone. I'm getting used to it, too.
My therapist was wonderful yesterday.
We talked a lot about giving myself permission to take care of my body and look beautiful. :red:




I am glad that the intense washing has helped it fade that that you are getting use to it and I am sure that it does look beautiful :)



I am sure that everyone at work is going to love it and if they don't well too is your body and your hair. I am sure that it looks fantastic and they will think so too :)


Thanks Halo.

Folks at work said not a thing! Bah! But then several were off on meetings or annual leave today, so I didn't see everyone...
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