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Im usually not in this section but I was thinking about how I have my ups and downs. I was only diagnosed with depression but I have the worst out of controlled anger problem, I throw things, not very often, Im very self destructive to my self. I just feel like a out of control crazy person. I feel like two people sometimes? I don't understand.

David Baxter PhD

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Anger outbursts are not uncommon with depression. It may help to talk to your doctor or therapist about this - both in terms of anger management strategies and medication.
I just found out that I have Bipolar. And im on lots of new meds. Ill fill everyone in later. Im not feeling well and Im tired and depressed


I'm sorry to hear that you are not feeling well...the news that you have bipolar disorder must be a lot to process right now. I hope that you are doing alright. It looks like maybe you already had an inclination that you were possibly bipolar since you posted in the bipolar folder? Either way I'm sure having the official diagnosis is a lot to handle.
Take care of yourself, and remember there is a lot of support and information on this forum for bipolar disorder--so I guess that is one really good tool that you already have to help you cope.

Hope you feel better!
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