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WEll, i joined this group just to ask a couple questions, and later on maybe some other questions also.
But to cut it short, i need someones advice.
The deal is I need help, and i know that, and i need to go see someone, a psychiatrist or something, maybe i can get some medication, and some counseling.
BUT the big problem is that i'm still living with my parents. I'm 18 about to go off to college, and i want some help before i get there. However, i want to do this without letting my parents know about it- For many reasons.
So, i was going to go off on my own and get some help, but i don't know how it works with my insurance.
I think i'm still registered as my dad's dependant, so am i under the same insurance? the same account or something?
See if i went and got help, most likely the bill would give me away. So, i need someone to tell me how that works, since i have no clue about it. And where could i start off anyhow? No psychiatrist in this town, just a few doctors. Should i go to a doctor and let them refer me?
Please, i very much appreciate ANY answer, since time Is running out.
Hello 'Just some question'. I don't have any advice, but just wanted to commend you for taking the steps to find out how to get help. :)
Well, I Live in southern Texas, a little border town. Does that help?
Well, thanks you guys! ha, yea, actually i guess i should've done something much MUCH sooner. But thanks!

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OK. I'm in Canada so I don't know how things work with respect to insurance and such down there. Perhaps one of the moderators who is more familiar with the system in the US can comment.
oooomy, i didn't even know that this was a canadian website, .ca, of course. Oh well, i sure hope there are some moderators from the U.S. in this forum. Thanks for your help!! -so much


Here's a local contact you can try, hon. Perhaps they can give you some helpful information:

Texas State Technical College (Student Health Services)
1902 N Loop 499
Harlingen, Texas 78550
(956) 364-4305

Harlingen Campus - TSTC


I am in the US, and yes I agree the insurance situation is much more complicated here. I have very good coverage and am only allowed 20 visits a year. Do you have your insurance card?

Usually you can go on the website and create an account or enter a policy number. My insurance company is called Great West. They have a search engine where you are allowed to look for psychologists, psychiatrists, any kind of doctor really. You can even narrow it down to females or males, or ones that are board approved. Then you get the contact info and start making phone calls.

If your provider doesn't have this kind of set up then try calling one of the toll-free numbers. Maybe if you don't have a card you could tell your parents that you need it before going to college. You can beat around the bush without devulging too much info. If this doesn't work, it would be good to at least have your social security number, then if you just tell them your parent's company, etc..maybe they could look you up in their system.

Once you get to your university, there will most likely be a counselling center where you can go for free. Although sometimes the number of visits are limited as well.

If you want phone councelling, try calling 211 from any landline. This might be good for a quick fix, and they will likely be another source of good information.

Good luck
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