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HI I have a question for Daniel Baxter,

I currently go to a Psychiatrist but only because its about the only one ware I live and iI don't get along with him to well. so anyway I never have been diagnosed with having EDNOS, and I was wondering why? my eating if eating is all varied. I use to not eat and that was for like 3 months and then I would eat but not alot and then purg. Now I have excluded some of my foods out no sweet stuff. and then it went to no bread cearal noodles basically anything that had whole meal. no red meat. And I look at all the calories befor I eat it. if it had 200 or more calories i wouldn't eat it. or buy it. Im really scared of gaining weigh in which i have due to a broken leg. Now befor i broke my leg I used to work out everyday. thankfully im back to working out everyday 2-3 hours. Im just really confused and never got a straight awnsere. I don't like the way i look period . I don't expect you to diagnose me or anything. But thank you for taking the time.

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yes. I figure that its not important enought to deal with. But really its all just driving me crazy always looking at calories not eating certain foods, I can't even feel comfortable in my own skin. My Therapist know everything. I guess as long as i don't die and im not Imaceaded looking it doesn't matter.

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Re: Im confused

It's not necessarily the case that your tharapist doesn't think it's important. It may be that s/he sees it as secondary to some of the other issues. It's also likely that treating you for the other issues you mention are also treating the eating disorder (including but not limited to the medications for anxiety and depression -- SSRIs and/or benzodiazepines -- which are also frequently used in the treatment of eating disorders).


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sorry to jump in here, I know the original question was directed at David. but my question is this: if you were to be diagnosed w/ ED-NOS or another eating disorder then what would change? what would happen? do you think you would want to focus more on the eating aspect in therapy? maybe, you could bring this up w/ your current therapist to let him know how difficult it's been for you and how much it is interfering w/ your life?? I don't think it's something to take lightly and I think it's important that you feel comfortable talking about it w/ your therapist, but it could very well be that it's just not #1 on the list right now (as David said)- and it is true, that for some people treating other conditions may help w/ the eating too.

I guess as long as i don't die and im not Imaceaded looking it doesn't matter
I don't think that's true. it does matter and an eating disorder or something along those lines CAN be damaging and needs to be dealt with even if you're not severely starved and on the brink of death... cleary, it IS interfering w/ your life so it DOES matter. I would mention it to your therapist (everything you've said here, your doubts, struggles etc)- this might be difficult if you don't get along w/ him too well... which is a whole other issue... how long have you been seeing him?
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you say that it is driving you crazy to think always about calories yet you wounder why your psychiatrist does not talk about your eating patterns maybe it is not that he thinks it is less important but that food and calories is what you obsess about everyday so why would he take the time that he or she has with you to obsess even more about it and even at that if you are anorexic bulimic or whatever other eatingdisorder there is it has so little to do with the food you eat or don'T eat but more about how you feel and the reasons you feel that you need to do so much exercises and eat so little or purge trying to deal with your food intake won'T change anything .. it will only add on to your obsession working around it and undertsanding it's meaning will help you fight the e-d in the end because the e-d is not the food you eat it is the association you gave it with the problemes within
i hope that made sence ..
that is just my point of view i am no psychologsit or anything just someone that knows a bit were your comming from and want to try and help to the best of my abilities.. no one deserves this liffestyle once you realise that for sure you will begin to make steps in the right direction.
yours trully


Re: Im confused

Your eating patterns and obsession over calories is definitely interfering with your life, so it's extremely important. Maybe David is right in that your doctor believes that treating the other stuff first will eventually help with disordered eating. But, I think that if it's really bothering you, you should make a point of talking about it with him. I know that he already knows everything, but you should probably bring up whatever is bothering you most at a given time.
I really feel for you. I know what it's like to always be counting calories and looking at food labels. I'm also not emaciated, but it doesn't mean that it's not a problem for me. I've recovered from a lot of the aspects of anorexia, and I even still have those feelings and fears. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that it is important and I'm sure your doctor believes it's important, but maybe he just doesn't feel like you can deal with it specifically yet. You can still deal with it by continuing therapy for your depression and so on, because I don't really believe that problems/feelings/emotions are isolated.
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