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When you feel that you come so far in therapy. someone is always there to push you down and tell you that you? are not good enough. and whats counseling doing for you if your always funning away form your problems. I to the piont again ware i want to give up on everything, life, my family, my self, I really don't know why I was even born or put on this earth for.? I know this post might wound triggering Im sorry but this is the way i have been feeling lately. I tryed to put bounderies with my family but i just continually get run down by them and I feel very small and hopeless.?

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When you feel that you come so far in therapy. someone is always there to push you down and tell you that you are not good enough.

I understand that this is totally how you feel at this moment, LostChild. But that statement isn't entirely accurate. It's not that "someone" is always there to push you down. It's that you are still trying to figure out how to deal with your family.

It's not the whole world that's a problem. It's the relationship(s) between you and your family.

When you're feeling this way and thinking this way, that's when you need to apply some of the cognitive restructuring techniques (CBT).
and the only way i can deal with my family is to not see them. Or i just don't say anything and I just act like Im happy and theres nothing wrong. I can't say anything to my mom about how I feel. She doesn't listen. shes right and I'm wrong and thats thats. Its always how I feel. This is why Im not comfindent in my self, I hate my self for who iam. I don't know?


Do you have to see your family right now? It may be easier to stay away until you are better able to handle them. I cant offer too much as I am not qualified, but I have felt the way you have at times. You have to pick yourself up and sometimes be a little selfish and take good care of yourself!

((((hugs)))) to you! Hope you are feeling better about things soon.


TLC, hon, you ARE strong. This is proven by the fact that you're getting help and working to make your lilfe better instead of using your energies to put others' efforts down. The work you're doing, and your willingness to do the work, are yours to keep...and to be very proud of. Nothing anyone can say can take that away from you. Just keep on keeping on and we'll be right here to cheer you on. :)
I take care of my great grandmother in my mothers home. so no I can't avoid her. I have tried in the past and it worked. Thanks everyone
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