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Let me introduce myself,

My name is Leo Lavoie. I'm from Quebec. I am an analytic psychotherapist, which means that I practice psychotherapy with psychoanalysis as a tool instead of a religion.

I am an almost total self thaught therapist. The fact that I'm legit or not is open for debate.

Also, I limit my practice to solely practice online, that is also open for debate.

I'm also an author of two books in french. One is "Introduction ? la Psychoth?rapie Analytique, La Psychanalyse en (r)?volution" and the other is " La Gen?se de La Psychologie Dynamique Analytique".

I come here hoping and open for debates and also to help people in need.

David Baxter PhD

Late Founder
Welcome, Leo. But it's important that we clarify the nature, goals, and limits of this forum. Psychlinks is primarily a support forum for those with mental health issues, or relationships and/or parenting issues, and those with an interest in these issues. It is not for the most part a venue for debate.

Please make sure you read the Psychlinks Forum Guidelines, especially the major principles.

Leo Lavoie

Well understood. I just wanted to be clear about the fact that I'm open to discussion even about my legitimity.

Anyway, i'm in this like this forum to help people. That's the drive. So, no problems here.
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